Problems and disagreements arise in most major construction projects. Too many of these challenges will result in needless litigation and litigation is costly and time consuming. Mediation is … [Read more...]

Pre-Demolition Hazardous Material Survey

Prior to the demolition of the existing structure on the site, especially with existing buildings that are over 50 years old, a hazardous material survey completed by qualify Engineers will be … [Read more...]

Type of Swales

There are 2 types of drainage swales: a wet swale and a dry swale.  A dry swale is normally used if the existing soil consist of dense soil and with high clay content causing drainage problems. … [Read more...]

Site Preparation

Site Preparation is the process whereby topsoil (which is not good soil to work on is stripped back for later use around the building for landscaping purposes) is removed and the surveyor comes out to … [Read more...]

What is a Swale

A swale is a shallow, sloped channel for the conveyance of stormwater or groundwater. ARE exam study materials. … [Read more...]

What is Single Detached Housing

In architectural design, single detached housing is a type of housing.  Single detached housing means a residential development consisting of a lot containing one dwelling unit. ARE exam study … [Read more...]

What is Multi-Family Housing

For the ARE Architectural Registration Examination, all intern Architects must understanding all types of housing Terminology including multi-family housing. In architectural design, multi-family … [Read more...]

What is Groundwater

Groundwater is water that collects or flows beneath the earth's surface, filling the porous spaces in soil, sediment, and rocks. ARE exam study materials. … [Read more...]

Where does Stormwater Drains to

For ARE exams, you must understand the issues with stormwater and its drainage requirement. In almost all areas of the city, stormwater drains into a separate sewer system that contains stormwater … [Read more...]

What is Stormwater

Water that flows into the sewers from the surface (streets, yards, etc.) is referred to as stormwater. This includes rain and snow melt, but also excess water from watering your lawn. Stormwater … [Read more...]